About Us

Transforming Jute into a Fashion Icon for the Trendy and Green Shoppers in Asia!

Golden Fibre Asia is in the business of offering sustainable and elegant range of bags and other jute products produced from the versatile and eco-friendly Jute fibre.

We are concerned about the impact to our planet from the excessive use of plastic bags in Singapore in various forms. We believe that by making subtle changes to our life-style and business practices, we can make a significant positive impact to our environment. We hope to be a catalyst for that change by offering eco-friendly alternatives to bags and related products made from plastic/plastic derivatives that are used by individuals and organisations today.

Golden Fibre Asia specialises in wholesale and retail of Jute and Juco (jute-cotton blend) products. Jute is a 100% natural and biodegradable fibre. Therefore bags made of Jute can be proudly called eco-friendly bags. Juco bags, also 100% biodegradable have a mix of jute and cotton fibres in the ratio of 70:30 (jute:cotton). These bags have a finer weaving pattern and preferred by clients who like a smoother texture.

We have Event/Conference/laptop bags made from both Jute and Juco fabrics which can be customized with the colour/ logo/theme/message of the client's choice. These bags will be a very good way to promote the brand and at the same time make a green statement for the organization during events.

We also offer shopping bags, wine carriers and promotional bags, all made from Jute and Juco. These bags will brand your organization and promote your event, conference or message. What better way to promote your business while at the same time embracing your green values?

It is imperative to look for alternative resources in order to prevent the depletion of earth’s natural resources like petroleum and wood as well as avoid injecting non-biodegradable material into our nature. We believe that every single plastic or paper bag that is avoided takes us one step closer to a greener earth.