Why Jute?

Jute, also known as the golden fibre, is one of the most abundant, natural, versatile, and eco-friendly fibre and is biodegradable and recyclable.

It is a natural air cleanser – One hectare of Jute plants can absorb up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide and release 11 tons of oxygen, much more than any other fibre. During their growth they assimilate three times more CO2 than the average tree, converting the CO2 into oxygen.

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About Us

Transforming Jute into a Fashion Icon for the Trendy and Green Shoppers in Asia.

We offer shopping bags, wine carriers and promotional bags, all made from Jute and Juco. We can even customize these bags to brand your organization and promote your event, conference or message. What better way to promote your business while at the same time embracing your green values?

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